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STUART GRAHAM (the boss!) has been in the music and recording business for "longer than I care to remember".
A huge amount of experience has been gained over the years and this experience is applied to all of the work that we carry out under Stuart's supervision. Much of our voice work features Stuart himself and when not talking (seldom), he puts his broadcast and recording expertise to good use by producing the works performed by other artistes.

Broadcast Radio.
As we are well versed in all aspects of radio programme production for DAB, DRM, FM, Satellite or Internet, those many important details often missed by some, is daily routine for us. Our speciality is in music radio of most genres (we do talk radio too) and our experience covers the changes over many years of styles and techniques. Our comprehensive commercial music library is available for clients who make royalty returns in the normal manner. Output recorded, FTPd, Streamed or ISDN. Satellite downlinks available.

OB, RSL or Community Radio.
If you are planning an RSL or setting up a Community Station in the UK, we are here to help you, with our skilled staff and a comprehensive list of rental stock. Everything from microphones to IT playout systems. We also offer staff training services.
For professionals in the business we can provide an OB service for when you need that extra coverage. Experienced Broadcast Engineers are available too.

Properly voiced programme inserts, commercials and station idents are essential for your success. There never seems to be enough variety when seeking voice talent - but you need look no further! We have voices fresh and professional that can work for you, live via ISDN or recorded.

Voice Tracks
Many say that voice tracking is wrong and should not be used. Whatever your thoughts on the subject, it is undeniable that voice tracking can be a saviour when budgets are low, or perhaps for sustaining output through the night. Find out how voice tracking can work for your station - and save you money, so that you can employ the more expensive live talent during peak times.

Voice Alarm
How many times have you heard bells ringing or sirens wailing and not known the reason? Good Voice Alarm messages do away with the uncertainty and provide a no-panic method of directing personnel to safety. We work for some of the best VA companies in the UK and deliver our ready-to-use VA messages to wherever needed in the world. Naturally most of our output is in English but our team of translators is fluent in both the original and target languages. These work with foreign national voice artistes to ensure faultless delivery in the selected language. If you are really desperate, we are even expert at that hard-to-speak Norfolk Dialect!

Getting the message across to your audience is vital - and so often spoiled by DIY attempts. Just because the CEO has a relative who wants an ego trip is no good reason to use him if he has the wrong voice or can't deliver. We'll help you get the best from your script with the right choice of voice talent and the subsequent production.
We have a good library of production music and sound effects all available off the shelf. We'll even assist you with copyright clearances and returns. If you would like special music for that important production we have composers and musicians available - please see the Music section below.

We love music and especially in audio-only productions it is a highly powerful tool for setting the required mood and feeling.
As a result we have paid particular attention to the music in our commercial and production libraries. Often there is a need for that special piece, arranged specifically to suit the production. We have composers, arrangers and musicians available to create and perform that important score just for you. The performance and recording of more complex music is carried out in our associate Music Studio and is delivered ready to use. If the musical piece is technically simple - perhaps a single keyboard or other instrument, we'll be pleased to handle that in-house, subject to studio availability. Buy-out or copyright-free music can be yours too.

The Studio
Our current facility is a small, self contained radio and voice-over studio situated in Norfolk England, in the heart of the beautiful Norfolk Broads. We are just 7km east of the City of Norwich and have easy access to local amenities including hotels and B&B.
A larger adjacent 'Studio B' is currently under construction and when complete will allow clients to visit and to sit-in on productions.
We will be able to record small musical productions in-house whilst voice-only or radio production is carried out in the existing smaller 'Studio A'. Our recording services are digital and we have non-linear hard disc PC-IT equipment for editing and storage. Mixers by Soundcraft & Sonifex. When your production is complete we can duplicate it to CD for distribution. If you need connections to the outside world we have the usual facilities of ISDN and Internet, together with telephone and fax.


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